Just remembered a quote by Emma Goldman, “I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”
flowers Shaurya always amazes me with his new found likes and dislikes and this time it is his love for flowers. I wonder how, but Shaurya is quite obsessed with the fact that his mother should wear flowers. Whenever and where ever he sees a flower, he plucks it and gets it for me. I do feel like stopping him from plucking them, but then the selfish mother inside me wants him to get one every time. It is very fulfilling to see him running around looking at the flowers and then finally deciding on the one he would want for me.

I am not sure if it’s my habit of going into a hibernation after every few posts or just a possibility that my little one is not giving me enough stories to post in. I believe its the former since Shaurya picks up a new trick every now and then and has been doing his best on that front. At times I just wish I had a photographic memory and ample time at hand to save and document every little incident for my little angel to read when he grows up…
Coming back to the title, well it seems quite apt to commence something with the name of the almighty, but here, the title refers to something else. It was yesterday when I had to visit the Kailash Colony market to run some important errands when I saw this fancy grocery store and decided to check it out. I was not running by any particular grocery list and followed my instinct with Shaurya as usual wanting everything in the store and handing out things to me and me putting them back.

I think i need to tender my apologies to  my little one, who will definitely come up and ask me one day, that if I had started the blog for him, then why didn’t I write about every new thing that he did. Well, Mau (I love calling him that now), I can only say this in my defense that it is not easy being a working mother trying to do your bit with life, people, family matters and the little social work with Rotary that I try and be a part of from time to time. Honestly speaking, it’s been over a fortnight since our summer vacations began and there really hasn’t been a day that I have been able to sit and just relax at home. We have been stepping out of the house to complete an unfinished task or run errands in the scorching sun almost on a daily basis. Ah well, enough of my excuses and ranting about how busy I have been. Let me narrate this little story about Shaurya’s latest fixation.

Not many years ago there was a Mastercard advertisement playing on TV which went something like “Toys for the baby – 2000 rupees, watching him play with a cardboard box – Priceless !! There are certain things money can’t buy…” I guess I ran into a similar incident in recent past myself.
It was one of the finer, sunnier, winter mornings on a Saturday couple of weeks ago, when I decided to spend the entire day with Shaurya. I thought about planning the day with all possible things that he would like and decided to take him to some place where he could enjoy himself to the hilt.
I zeroed down on the National Zoological Gardens (aka Delhi Zoo) as the place to go to and  considered taking the metro as trains are his recent fixation and I really thought it would be a new experience for him.

I remember writing about the power of nursery rhymes and Shaurya’s enthusiasm with it. (Read about it HERE). I guess his interest with rhymes and poems has risen one level and he has now started creating his own lyrics.
Though the words don’t rhyme as well and one can’t really expect a philosophy behind the words except for pure fun from a 4 year old, but for me as a mother, the experience of him trying his hand at new things and embarking on fresh creative ventures is an emotional experience of sorts.

“I remember writing about Shaurya getting a cut on his head a few months ago, this time he got himself a nasty bruise on his fingers…The Ouch Days continue I guess…”

My little one got another lesson in safety recently. Everyday, after my school is over, I pick Shaurya from his ‘Da-Ma’s’ house and we normally drive home chatting and laughing. He is normally well behaved in the car and doesn’t create a ruckus and listens to what I have to say to him. I guess this just happened to be a special day when he was in his super playful mood and extremely naughty. I warned him that he might get hurt but my hero for once chose to ignore what his mamma had to say and didn’t pay attention to all what I was telling him.
We got off the car and as I turned around to take out his school bag and water bottle from the back seat he managed to sneak behind me and kept running his hands around the door. I picked up his stuff and closed the door and as soon as I did that, Shaurya gave out a loud cry. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I looked at him. He stood there crying and looking at me helplessly, trying to pull out his fingers from where they had stuck in the door.

“Candles and Cakes and Sweets galore,
Fun and laughter and joys to soar,
I wish and pray there’s so much more,
On my angel’s day as he turns four ”

blog4 Fourth year for Shaurya and our parenthood. I have celebrated and enjoyed every little moment of my motherhood and the entire family and I eagerly await his day and try our best to shower our love and make it special for him. If last year we had multiple parties for him (Read ‘Shaurya turns three’), this year it was all quality family time. The weather Gods were pretty severe this winter and it was extremely cold on his birthday (January 8) and sparing a thought for all the grandparents and little kids on the guest list, we decided to have a small get together and dinner at home itself.
I did write about his special bonding with my dad in my last post and since my little prince’s Nanz and Nani were here with him to celebrate his special day, it made him feel all the more special and he couldn’t really hide his joy.

“This post is about Shaurya’s recent interaction with my Dad - his Nana Ji. I remember as children, we were all a little intimidated by his personality. It was such a welcome change to see his fondness for Shaurya and the way Shaurya hung around him during the course of their stay…”
I guess, in a typical Indian family setup and specially if you consider a decade or two ago, children automatically had a tendency to have a greater affiliation for the mother than the father.  The mother in the family was the one who would attend to all your needs and took care of you and acted like a natural sponge – soaking in your anger and pain at times and oozing out love for you whenever you wanted some. The father on the other hand was the natural head of the family, the maker of all rules and preserver of decorum and order in the house. He would be the one you would naturally be scared of and usually refrained from making needless chit-chat or opening up too freely about your day to day routine.

“Now this one is a short and crisp post on recent changes in Shaurya’s behaviour with respect to his taking medicines”.

It so happens that 1 – 2 years ago when Shaurya was still a baby it was very difficult to give him any kind of medicine or syrup. We always dreaded Shaurya’s illness and prayed for him not to fall ill at all because it meant a harrowing time for us. He would simply not take in any kind of syrup even if it was sweetened and flavored and if we forced it into him, he would poke his little fingers in his throat and puke it out.

This implied that his being sick would automatically mean a huge load of clothes for washing and sleepless nights for me and since he still did not take any kind of syrup it would prolong his sickness a bit as well. However, what was strange was the fact that he got hooked onto taking a tablet at a very early stage. I guess, he was as young as a year and a half when he took his first tablet. So, if anyone in the family was taking in a tablet, he played ape and wanted one for himself as well.

However in recent times there has been a significant change in him. I have mentioned in my previous posts how fond he is, of his cousin Saanya and about his fascination for colors. The two facts combined well when Saanya was visiting him few weeks ago and he closely observed how she would gladly lick one of her pink stomach ache syrups. In fact an evidence of his liking for ‘Saanu’ dear came to fore when he started insisting on having the same pink syrup which she would have.

What is even more amusing is the fact that he has now started putting up little acts to demand that syrup. He would suddenly pretend to double up in pain and run to me saying “Mamma tummy में  बहुत ज़ोर से उई हो रही है, pink medicine देनी पड़ेगी”. Thankfully this syrup is all natural and so if he insists a lot, I give him one fourth of a spoon and play along.

ShauryaI wonder at times how children pick up the tricks to play and pretend and then come up and try and put an act before their folks to get what they want. Maybe the coming years shall see him try and fool me for more complex things and perhaps for circumventing his way out of trouble. Maybe then, I would be tempted to box his ears a bit.

I guess for now, I shall just put my feet up and enjoy his antics. Perhaps one of these days in a few years from now, I would pull up this story when he brings his kids to me and complains that they are just not taking the medicine. :)

“I think I need to tender my apologies to all my readers for the lackadaisical attitude I have shown towards this blog. I believe Shaurya is the only one who will side with me on the fact that his mamma has been extremely busy with her hands full of never ending tasks. I am hoping that I would be able to turn things around a bit and make a few quick updates about all the things that happened in last few months and do a lot better than last year…Let’s see”.

This is about Shaurya developing his own lingo.

Well, it’s been some time that my hero has started using full sentences  and has attained a better grasp on his language and is talking a lot, so I feel that I will dedicate a couple of posts just to this topic.

So Shaurya has his pet phrases and he uses them at will, while narrating anecdotes about what happens around him, whether at school or at home. One of his favourites is "सकते हैं"  or "सकते नहीं हैं" .

If there is something which he thinks he can do, instead of saying the whole sentence as "यह काम कर सकते हैं" he says "सकते हैं" and for something that he thinks can not be done, he says "सकते नहीं हैं"  instead of saying “"कर नहीं सकते".

It becomes incredibly funny specially on times when everyone is listening to him or while he is being asked something serious and he comes up with a curt “No, सकते नहीं हैं" !!!

Pune (3) The weather has been exceptionally cold in the last few days and being a mother I can’t help pointing out things for him. As a matter of precaution I have been telling him not to have cold water, ice creams, cold drinks etc. And so whenever he stepped into the kitchen, I would tell him, ‘’Shaurya, don’t have cold water’’ and likewise.

I guess he got tired of listening to the same things again and again and so one day he told me.. ”Mamma, I’m going to have water, और अब आप मुझे मना सकते नहीं हैं (I am going to have water and you can’t stop me now)”!!!

I was slightly taken aback by his outburst but my surprise soon turned to amusement and I kept smiling thinking about his will to assert himself and use words as per the situation.

At other times he has many more things to say, for eg. "मुझे समझ नहीं आ रहा"…."मैं बहुत परेशान हूँ" and very often I just keep looking at him with amazement at his choice of phrases and his grasp of the context of a conversation.

I guess it is about time I changed my perception of him as just a little child to a young kid conscious of his will, likes, dislikes and of course his right to exercise his freedom of speech as well.

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