Shaurya and I travelled to Udaipur by ourselves in the last week of May to visit my sister and her family. My eldest ‘Jija ji’ and Shaurya’s ‘Maasad Ji’ is an army man and currently posted there and Shaurya is apparently quite fond of him. The way he follows him around in the house is a sight worth watching. Being in the Indian Army, my sister and brother in law have a different lifestyle, they have lots of helpers to run errands and look after all kinds of things. Shaurya, who is normally not used to such things, loved being pampered and was the center of attraction for not just my brother in law, but even the helpers.

Shaurya Udaipur Shaurya had a freezer full of ice creams and chocolates waiting for him and he did not take long to clean them up but then, Jija ji would quickly replenish it indulging him all he could. Being the eldest in the family we have always looked up to Jija Ji as a father figure but Shaurya’s attachment to him could only be seen to believed. Shaurya would sit up and wait for him to come back home for lunch, would accompany him on his smoking breaks and even stay up till late at night to listen to his talks and stories.

The funny thing was that Shaurya somehow always felt that we called him Jiya ji and not Jija ji and could not be convinced that it was not so. In fact, despite being coaxed by Jija ji himself to call him as ‘Maasad ji’,he could not be shaken and still chooses to call him Jija ji.

It is strange how children can connect to grown ups in the most uncanny ways and develop new bonds on their own and grown ups who are often feared, respected and admired by their peers and family succumb easily to a child’s innocence and reveal an unseen part of their personality.

Dear Shaurya,

With time perhaps this little bond that you developed will age and change into more formal respect. I hope this little post will forever account for what you shared during the summers of 2013 and will forever remind you that kindness is a virtue that leaves a lasting impression.

So here I am today, praying that God fills your heart with kindness and compassion and allows you to share it with everyone alike. Grow up to be responsible and sensitive and be a joy to the world.


  1. Good one.. and better late than never...will wait for more to follow.

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