The following entry was lying in my drafts since some time now and finally sees the light of the day. I have been running one end to the other in recent times with Shaurya being a little unwell and was kept really busy. I shall write about the trauma of his sickness in another post maybe.

For now, read on and share your comments and feedback.

My sister and her daughter ‘Saanya', who happens to be Shaurya’s favorite cousin, are in India and visited us some time ago. Now Shaurya is extremely fond of Saanya and had a gala time with her.

The school was closed for a brief break and Shaurya had all the time to himself – no books, no coloring exercises, no work but cartoons and rhymes and playing with Saanya. Though their favorite pastime was picking up a fight with each other and taking each other full force, hands and bites and blows, they would not even sit apart and would rush to each other at the first chance. Some times I feel that they viewed fighting as just another game . Sis and I were kept on our toes running after our tots separating them from a tangle and our throats were all parched after all the scolding.

However, the fact is that both of them are just too fond of each other and I really feel that Saanya's company has worked wonders for Shaurya. His vocabulary has increased manifold and he has started framing his own sentences and which occasionally are in clear English. (Maybe I shall make another post on all the funny sentences Shaurya uses these days).

Coming back to their love hate relationship, I have a funny anecdote to narrate here. Couple of days ago we all went out for dinner. It so happened that on the way back Shaurya and Saanya had to sit separately in different cars. Shaurya for some reason deciphered that Saanya was going away and he kept chanting her name continuously and was in tears and howling by the time we got back. All my reasons and attempts to pacify him were rendered useless.

As soon as he got out of the car he rushed to the other car and kept calling out to his little cousin and in turn, she came running to him. Shaurya hugged her and said, "Saanu, I crying… I crying… gimmie kissie... “(Saanya, I'm crying, give me a kiss). Well, all this was so cute and funny that we stood there rooted to the ground in amazement for many a moments.

1 Looking back at all the posts I made earlier on this blog, this one perhaps is the first indication of Shaurya picking up complex emotions and learning to express himself.

Just hope that he remains as affectionate and grows up to be a sensible, sensitive and emotionally intelligent man.

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