Just remembered a quote by Emma Goldman, “I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”
flowers Shaurya always amazes me with his new found likes and dislikes and this time it is his love for flowers. I wonder how, but Shaurya is quite obsessed with the fact that his mother should wear flowers. Whenever and where ever he sees a flower, he plucks it and gets it for me. I do feel like stopping him from plucking them, but then the selfish mother inside me wants him to get one every time. It is very fulfilling to see him running around looking at the flowers and then finally deciding on the one he would want for me.

I am not sure if it’s my habit of going into a hibernation after every few posts or just a possibility that my little one is not giving me enough stories to post in. I believe its the former since Shaurya picks up a new trick every now and then and has been doing his best on that front. At times I just wish I had a photographic memory and ample time at hand to save and document every little incident for my little angel to read when he grows up…
Coming back to the title, well it seems quite apt to commence something with the name of the almighty, but here, the title refers to something else. It was yesterday when I had to visit the Kailash Colony market to run some important errands when I saw this fancy grocery store and decided to check it out. I was not running by any particular grocery list and followed my instinct with Shaurya as usual wanting everything in the store and handing out things to me and me putting them back.

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