From the perspective of this blog, I had a pretty slow and rather dismal showing last year with only 4 posts in 12 months. I guess God hasn’t been too kind to be me on my wellness front and I have found myself struggling with my health on more than one occasion.
I guess this new blog template and the much awaited registration of a domain name for Shaurya (Yes, I am now officially available at ushers in a new hope and a new zeal to turn around things for myself and focus more on this journal for Shaurya.
And so, beginning with first things first - an account of Shaurya’s sixth birthday.
My little rockstar’s birthday is always a special occasion and this year was no different. Shaurya’s daddy and I were planning a party for his birthday, weeks in advance. We sought to hold a big bash and wanted to invite all his friends, but perhaps it was destined otherwise.
A series of unforeseen events on a day before his birthday made his special day lose some of its sheen. First, an urgent matter came up and Shaurya’s Daddy had to travel out of station for work on his birthday and then to make matters worse, the weather played a spoil sport as well and it became exceedingly cold forcing us to shelve all plans for the party at the last minute. And if this was not enough, it turned out that his birthday was a school holiday for Shaurya but not for me and so he had to stay overnight at his DaMa’s house which implied that even I could not wake up next to him to wish him the first thing in the morning.
It was particularly hard for me to sleep that night. I was saddened by the fact that Shaurya was eagerly looking forward to his birthday and now it just won’t be the same with his Daddy out for work and none of his friends coming over. But thankfully, his Chachu, Chachi and DaMa made his morning special by waking him up with loads of balloons and gifts, a few things which he really wanted.
BirthdayThe day went on and as soon as my school got over, I rushed home to meet Shaurya. We cut his favourite chocolate cake and all of us… chachu, chachi and da’ma sang the birthday song for him. This cheered him up a bit but I could see that he was not really satisfied with just a plain cake cutting at home.
To make it up to him, I arranged a small party at his school the next day, where he took his ‘angry bird’ cake and some other goodies to share with his friends. I guess this plan turned out to be a success and Shaurya came home beaming. And then of course there was this other birthday bash that we had to cancel earlier that we planned for the coming Sunday.
When the day arrived, Shaurya had two of his best friends Parshvi and Riddhie come over and all of them had a fun filled time at the play area and then a cake cutting with a nice sumptuous lunch at Geoffrey’s at DLF Mall followed. The kids had a great time laughing and playing and by the time we returned home, Shaurya was all smiling ear to ear and as a parent I felt satisfied at heart, knowing that he had the best of times.
Let me conclude this post with a little note to you my son.
Dear Shaurya,
With time you will grow up to be a man of great stature , but you will always remain my little ‘mau billi’. I feel blessed to have a son like you. All my love, prayers and blessings will be there with you through the course of your life.
Every day you bring a smile to my face and you will always remain special to me. There will come a time when you would not want me or your dad to be a part of your birthday parties and will have a world of your own. Maybe we as your parents will not physically be a part of these celebrations, but no matter where you are and where you go my love and wishes will always find you. In my heart I would always be there with you, to cut the cake, to kiss you and tell you that I love you a lot and that you will always be my shining star!!!!
Happy Birthday once again !!!


  1. About time you came around and updated this. A new template was long due as well.

    Good going. Waiting for more to come. :)

  1. Thanks Himanshu... keep motivating me!!!

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