Shaurya has finally learnt to read and write. I am amazed to see the way he reads story books and his prescribed course books. He loves reading English books, and thanks to his DaMa, he is good at Hindi too. Well, I know am being too ambitious here, but yes I would love it if he becomes a voracious reader.

Parenting is a difficult task and even though I am an English teacher, I still cannot justify why ‘enough’ is not ‘enuf’ and ‘could’ is not ‘cud’. He puts me in a tizzy by asking such questions which I cannot even ‘Google’.

Drawing He made a drawing and labeled the things in it as small, medium and big and when I pointed out that the spellings were wrong, as he had put in ‘smol’, ‘meedeeyom’ and ‘big’, he was quick to add that the spellings were correct as they were articulated that way.

Goodness… Am sure William Wordsworth must have dealt with a child and that is how he must have written the famous one liner, “The child is the father of the Man”.

Well my love, you sure have taught me a lesson or two… never realized English would make my head spin, so much so that I would love to avoid all discussions related to it. But the most important lesson that I’ve learnt from you is ‘patience’. I have learnt to control my temper and instead of shouting at you for the many naughty things that you do, all I do is smile or share a laugh

From the perspective of this blog, I had a pretty slow and rather dismal showing last year with only 4 posts in 12 months. I guess God hasn’t been too kind to be me on my wellness front and I have found myself struggling with my health on more than one occasion.
I guess this new blog template and the much awaited registration of a domain name for Shaurya (Yes, I am now officially available at ushers in a new hope and a new zeal to turn around things for myself and focus more on this journal for Shaurya.
And so, beginning with first things first - an account of Shaurya’s sixth birthday.
My little rockstar’s birthday is always a special occasion and this year was no different. Shaurya’s daddy and I were planning a party for his birthday, weeks in advance. We sought to hold a big bash and wanted to invite all his friends, but perhaps it was destined otherwise.

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