I remember writing about the power of nursery rhymes and Shaurya’s enthusiasm with it. (Read about it HERE). I guess his interest with rhymes and poems has risen one level and he has now started creating his own lyrics.
Though the words don’t rhyme as well and one can’t really expect a philosophy behind the words except for pure fun from a 4 year old, but for me as a mother, the experience of him trying his hand at new things and embarking on fresh creative ventures is an emotional experience of sorts.

“I remember writing about Shaurya getting a cut on his head a few months ago, this time he got himself a nasty bruise on his fingers…The Ouch Days continue I guess…”

My little one got another lesson in safety recently. Everyday, after my school is over, I pick Shaurya from his ‘Da-Ma’s’ house and we normally drive home chatting and laughing. He is normally well behaved in the car and doesn’t create a ruckus and listens to what I have to say to him. I guess this just happened to be a special day when he was in his super playful mood and extremely naughty. I warned him that he might get hurt but my hero for once chose to ignore what his mamma had to say and didn’t pay attention to all what I was telling him.
We got off the car and as I turned around to take out his school bag and water bottle from the back seat he managed to sneak behind me and kept running his hands around the door. I picked up his stuff and closed the door and as soon as I did that, Shaurya gave out a loud cry. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I looked at him. He stood there crying and looking at me helplessly, trying to pull out his fingers from where they had stuck in the door.

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