A Short One

Last night, my Hero had a craving for Maggi (Instant noodles) and repeatedly started asking for it. Maggi 2 min It was late in the night and I thought it was proper if he had his milk than have some noodles at that hour. After failing to reason it out with him I had to finally tell him, ‘Shaurya, mujhe gussa mat dilao’ (Shaurya, don’t make me mad) and to my surprise he retorted with, ‘Mujhe bhi gussa aa raha hai’ (I am beginning to get angry too). I was shell shocked at his prompt answer. Had he repeated the entire sentence the way I had said then, I would have taken it very lightly, but here, he had added words on his own and I was spell bound. I stood there looking at him for a moment and then burst out laughing. He ran after me as if to hit me as he felt humiliated. I would have disapproved of his behaviour otherwise, but then this was exceptional and I just could not stop myself from picking him up and giving him a nice bear hug.

laughing smileyAnd, yes for the records, he still did not get his Maggi and had to have his milk instead.

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