rhythm_and_rhyme_timeSomehow, I had always underestimated the power of nursery rhymes and the part they played in a child’s creative development. I always believed that they were more like an instrument to keep a child busy by engaging him in a song and movement routine.

However, my perception has changed ever since Shaurya has started attending his play school. Of all things, it seems that he is most interested in his rhymes and songs that he learns in his school. Even though he is not able to understand all the words and then tends to mumble later, still he keeps singing them, day in and day out.

He sings these rhymes even while he’s busy bathing, playing, sitting in the car or even watching TV. The funniest part is that even when there is some song being played on the TV, Shaurya can be heard singing one of his rhymes at the top of his voice as if holding a competition with the TV. It does get annoying at times but recently my little superman has started associating words with moving visuals on the TV. He watches his cartoon shows and picks up a bird or the fish in a visual and sings a rhyme associated with a bird or fish.

Since my childhood remained confined to the spectrum of DD and National network and there were hardly any educational cartoon shows around, watching Shaurya use the streaming visuals and aligning them with the learning from his school is an experience of sorts for me.

At times I really wish that we had as many helping aids (Media, Internet and toys to learn) in our times too. But then I am sure the simplicity that we enjoyed in those times can never be restored now. Personally, I just hope that Shaurya picks up and inculcates some reading habits too as he grows up and does not confine himself to songs and music and the idiot box alone.

Patience is one virtue that motherhood has inculcated within me. But, I guess this is still one thing I have to pass on to Shaurya. My little brat has still not learnt the art of waiting.

So, if he gets onto something, he wants it to be done right away. And then there is his own choice of phrases to be used to communicate his persistence and urge. He begins by saying ‘kara diyo’ (let me do it) or ‘Denaa’ (Give it to me) and if not heard would keep chanting ‘Mamma, Mamma’ till the time his wish is fulfilled or he is indulged with whatever he has been asking for.

Shaurya 001It happened so that I was driving with Shaurya and he got that sudden urge for colouring. He started off saying ‘Colouring karna hai’ (I want to colour) and kept repeating his request on and on. This got distracting after a bit and I had to pull over and tell him in my stern voice ‘Colouring karenge, ghar jaake, theek hai’

(We shall do the colouring once we reach home. Alright).

Really don’t know whether he kind of understood that his demand was unreasonable considering that we were still in the car or he just took note of the demeanour of my tone, but he settled in quietly after that. However, my little hero had by then already picked up a few words from what I said and he now fits them wherever he feels like. So, almost everything ends up with a ‘thik hai’ (theek hai) and everything now has to be done ‘ghar jaake’. So now even if he is at home playing and he wants something he usually ends up with a sentence like ‘Mamma ball dena..thik hai’ or ‘Chocolate dena..ghar jaake’.

His cheeky innocence gets me in splits of laughter at the same time it swells my heart to see his vocabulary grow to form meaningful sentences compared to the days when he used to just utter monosyllables.

I know that someday he would be out in the big bad world and shall even pick up words and phrases that I would not otherwise want him to use. Maybe at that time I shall get him to read this entry here and remind him that speech is a gift and that his Mamma always wants him to use his words carefully and judiciously so as not be rude or offensive to anyone.

Hmmm.. I guess for now I shall just sit back and enjoy what ever little he has to say on a daily basis. Maybe I shall capture some sound bytes on my voice recorder and post them here to share and savour them from time to time.

I know this has been the longest break that I ever took from making a post. I guess I have just become too occupied with other things happening at the moment. Shaurya’s 'Masi' has flown down from US and there have been some recent developments on my job front as well in addition to my being down with flu and a bad throat for some time now.

Anyway, all excuses given, I am making this post with intent of making up for all the lost time and hence hope that my readers shall get back to me with lot of comments and feedback and urge me to post a couple more in quick time now.

In my earlier posts I have expressed my wonder on Shaurya picking up words and phrases and formulating his language. Well, my little champ is one little bag of surprises and he keeps pulling a new trick every passing day.

Couple of weeks ago he would just drop his toys and come over to me seeking my attention. I, on such occasions would ask him, ‘What happened, Shaurya?’ He would then smile and run back to his toys or just stand there without giving me an answer. However, few days ago he picked up this phrase and started asking me in return ‘What happened, Mamma?’ and then would climb up the bed and pat my cheek. I would then smile and answer, ‘Nothing happened, Shaurya’.

And now he has kind of memorized this question and now if I ever ask him ‘What happened, Shaurya?’ He promptly replies ‘Nothing happened, Mamma’. He would then turn around and give me a smile and looks up as if to seek my approval at his answer.

Smiley 2 Often this becomes a little game in itself and he would repeat his answer multiple times. The only thing I can do at this is smile lovingly and cuddle him. It gives me a sense of pride that he’s learning things fast and even tries his best to use whatever he’s been learning.

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