Shaurya Apes & Mamma Gapes..

Over a last couple of weeks, a new universal truth has dawned upon me. I have come to realize that it is an uphill task to get a child’s attention when YOU want it but a child will always pick up things and imitate you when you least expect or need it. In almost all my previous posts, I have mentioned innumerably about the joys of motherhood especially watching your child pick up things and new antics each day. It is this ever-changing behaviour of a child that makes parenting an enriching learning experience in its own right.

I am sure that the person who quoted that ‘change is the law of nature’ was none other than a first time mother basking in the sublime emotions of watching her child grow and pick up new tricks every day. (Well I know that I went a little overboard there, but then I guess I have always been a little altruistic and generous when describing such things)

Anyway, coming back to Shaurya, let me tell you that along with his behaviour, his language is also changing. I read it somewhere that one way of knowing that your baby is growing up is when he starts asking you questions that have real answers. Though he still has not reached a level, where he makes me crazy by chanting ‘What’, ‘When’, ‘Why’, ‘How’ all the time, he has become quite ripe for making observations and imitating each and everything that catches his attention. As it turns out, Shaurya is growing up to be a keen observer and is quite eager to learn and imitate everything that happens around him.

In my last post I had talked about him copying his dad and replicating his shaving routine. Well, this time he has gone a step further. He has been carefully watching me when I do my make up (which, I must inform, is a fairly basic and simple routine), arrange my bag or purse & walk out of the house and has now started mimicking my actions to perfection.

If he sees me putting on any make up, he insists on applying every single article. In fact, ‘insists’ is such a mild word when it comes to kids. He actually cries and tugs at me and literally gets me on my knees to give in to his demands. And then, it is the full range that forms the list of his demands - from eyeliners to ‘kaajal’ to a lipstick, he wants the full works. Let me add here that eye shadows are his favourite. And then he would wear his shoes, take out his cap from cupboard, puts it on and then places all his painting colours in an empty purse, flings it on his shoulder and says ‘Chalo Ji’ before waving at me and walking out of the room as I do every morning when I leave for work.

Now son, I know you might be a little embarrassed when you or your girl friend(s) get to read this 15- 20 years from now, but then it is such a funny sight for me now that I had to document it.

Perhaps by the time you get to read this you would have picked up a few nuisances of growing up and would have forgotten all your little antics and playful tricks. You would no longer need my cosmetics or feel an urge to imitate me (I hope). Maybe by that time I would be the one who would be trying to pick up things from you, trying to catch up with changing times. Chances are that you might not find it funny like I do. Nonetheless, I hope that you do spare a thought for your aging mother then and show her as much patience too.

Smiley 2 For now, let me see if I can rope you in and click a few pictures when you are all ‘decked’ up.

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