I think i need to tender my apologies to  my little one, who will definitely come up and ask me one day, that if I had started the blog for him, then why didn’t I write about every new thing that he did. Well, Mau (I love calling him that now), I can only say this in my defense that it is not easy being a working mother trying to do your bit with life, people, family matters and the little social work with Rotary that I try and be a part of from time to time. Honestly speaking, it’s been over a fortnight since our summer vacations began and there really hasn’t been a day that I have been able to sit and just relax at home. We have been stepping out of the house to complete an unfinished task or run errands in the scorching sun almost on a daily basis. Ah well, enough of my excuses and ranting about how busy I have been. Let me narrate this little story about Shaurya’s latest fixation.

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