Shaurya cut his head.


"You have to do your own growing up no matter how tall your father is"

- Abraham Lincoln

I reckon that in my previous posts I have often exclaimed and expressed my wonder at Shaurya's growing up and have narrated all the things that he has been doing with a hint of pride as a mother. Well, lately I just discovered another aspect of growing up - getting hurt.

It was a holiday at his school and his Daddy dropped him along with his ‘Kapa’ (our domestic help) to his aunt's house to spend the day. I had planned to get them back home with me later in the day and so joined them in the afternoon. Shaurya was having a whale of a time, playing with his 'Bunny' Bhaiya (my sister's son) and Victor (their pet dog) and I was watching him from a distance, enjoying his laughter and his antics.

It was a matter of few seconds that I saw him tumble down while playing and fall over at an awkward angle on the ground and cut his forehead. My first instinct was that probably it wasn't much but then I nearly panicked when I saw blood oozing out of the forehead. I did act fast though, picked him up, pressed his wound with my hand and ran outside calling Geeta, (my sister) to take out her car.

We rushed to a small hospital nearby and all this while I kept praying and pressing the wound. Shaurya could not stop crying because of pain and discomfort at not being able to open his left eye due to blood which kept dripping from his wound despite my maintaining the pressure on it.

We rushed to the emergency ward of the hospital as soon as we reached and were attended to by two doctors. Till that day whenever I used to read stories or news about the lack of medical facilities in the country or about the callous behavior of the medics even in case of an emergency, I would not normally believe it as I had never been subjected to the same.

However, I was astounded at the careless attitude of these doctors as they went about doing a lousy job of cleaning the cut or administering a first aid. I seriously want to take them to task someday and tell them that they were more qualified to be motor mechanics than physicians. All that they showed interest was in urging us to get Shaurya admitted and wanting to give him stitches.

I looked at Geeta who was now in tears. It was getting difficult for me to contain myself too. However, I did realize that I needed to compose myself, put a brave face and take some quick decisions. I called up Shaurya's pediatrician and talked to him about everything. By this time Shaurya's bleeding was contained and his pain had eased out a little. It was then that we decided to take him to another better hospital, which was a little far off.

We rushed him to the Max hospital and I guess it turned out to be a wise decision. He was soon taken attended to and this time with better care and facilities. I was relieved that the need for stitches was also averted and his cut could be fixed by some solution and a bandage alone.

This was the time when I realized that his head was full of blood, so were my arms and clothes. Shaurya had resumed his crying. Probably it was the number of people around that got him uncomfortable and it became a herculean task to calm him down. The medics gave me some syrup for him and I had to force it down his throat. I tried to keep my cool and not lose my composure but inside I was all shaken up and disoriented.


Once the ordeal was over and we finally got back to Geeta's place, I called up Shaurya's Daddy to come over. He, as expected, got a shock when he reached and was quite amazed that he got no clue of the entire thing while talking on phone, as I was sounding so relaxed.

The Doctor had told us that Shaurya would be under the effect of the syrup and might be asleep for an hour or so. To our surprise, as soon as we reached home, he was up and onto his pranks again. He went about calling the dog and running around all over the drawing room.

Later, when we started off to come back to our place, I just could not stop myself and cried aloud. This was perhaps the first time during the entire episode that I confessed that I was very scared all the time Shaurya was there in the hospital and I was faking the strong face I had put up all the while.

I kept crying for a long long time and Shaurya kept stroking my cheek with his little hand calling out ‘Mamma..Mamma..' It was a harrowing experience and very excruciating mentally and emotionally. I was glad that it got over soon and we did not run into something more woeful.

cut2Shaurya's fall brought me those tears and it was also him who finally made me smile. He brought his hands to his face the way I do and started imitating the way I was crying. One moment I was flowing tears and the next I could not help smiling just looking at him.

I guess life just goes on the same fashion, smiles and tears bundled together. I wonder if my little champ can keep up to his Mamma's tears and bring her smiles every time, just the way he did then.

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