So, it’s been some time since I last wrote. I guess I just couldn’t help it. Routine course of life has its own demands and at times these daily chores dominate and suppress the undercurrent of our personal being. Anyway, I am here now and I feel like writing and I guess this is what is important.

tv And as most of you would have guessed looking at the title, with this post I wish to emphasize the impact of the Idiot Box on Shaurya’s current behavior. As a teacher I remember having discussed the impact of TV overdose on children with many parents and guardians. Well, I guess I am looking at the other side of the fence now and actually realize how difficult it can be at times.

Shaurya is now two and half and his behavior has undergone a sea change. He has started expressing his likes and dislikes both verbally and using actions. He has developed a strong fascination for cartoons being aired on TV and now has his own list of favorites.

I guess I can dedicate this post to two of his favorite shows which play on channel ‘Nick’.

His first liking is an animated series called ‘Krishna’ which is primarily the story of the child manifestation of the Hindu deity Lord Krishna. The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and theological traditions and are very part of the Indian culture. I introduced Shaurya to this series as I thought that it might be educational as well for him. However, little did I know that I was buying trouble for myself and literally bidding goodbye to my days of watching TV.

Since now if ‘Krishna’ is being aired, you can just not dare change the channel because as soon as you do that, Shaurya screams at the top of his voice and you are bound to come back to his show. 

little_krishnaHe even has developed a routine for watching this show. He begins by singing along the opening theme of the episode and then keeps filling in the scenes with his ‘expert’ comments. His commentary at times is in sync with the scene being shown at other times he has his own exclamations for everything happening during the episode. ‘No Fighting’, ‘Isko Chhodh Do (leave him)’, ‘O o’, ‘Drop it’ are just a few of his chosen expert comments.

His other favorite TV series is ‘Perman’. Incidentally this one is also aired on Nick. (We are a ‘Nick’ family, Channel owners can pay us rewards for our loyalty).

wpPerman03Now personally, I do not hold either the caricatures or the story line for ‘Perman’ to be of any substantial quality. Perman is the story of a clumsy boy Mitsuo Suwa, who is chosen as an apprentice of Superman. (Here is a link if you want to know more about the Perman) To top that since it is originally a Japanese series, it has been dubbed in English and the dubbing sucks big time. 

Anyway, now the problem for me is that Shaurya somehow caught this show running on TV someday and has become fond of it. (Though I have not laid hands on any evidence as yet, I have a very serious hunch that probably one fine morning when I was away, Shaurya’s daddy got him hooked to the show, maybe in an attempt to get Shaurya off his back).

Now the issue is that Perman gets inside Shaurya’s head at odd times and out of the blue while he is watching TV. All of a sudden, he would remember ‘Perman’ and then will want you to put it on, no matter what. As a parent now you are in a sticky situation because Perman has fixed timings and is not available throughout the day. And somehow I find it so irritating and obnoxious that I really do not wish to buy its CD for Shaurya’s home viewing.

Though I know that it is most likely just a passing phase for my little superhero and it won’t be too long that he would grow out of these TV series and pick up something else to keep himself busy. Personally I want him to pick up something more useful and creative than just spending time before the telly and learn some form of art as he grows. He has been showing inclination towards painting and music, but I am yet to see that spark in him which can keep him interested and focused on these things for long.

kid-watching-tvI shall write more as and when it happens, for the time being I shall keep posting on his recent fixation – the TV. So make sure, you catch this space for more on the TV saga and Shaurya and keep sending in your comments on the posts made.


  1. Beautiful...Kudos to Roopa!
    You really deserve a good one....once again well written, Roopa, I sometimes envy your writing skills....Shaurya will thank you big time when he grows up......cheers!!!

  1. Awesome Roopa madam.. I feel like meeting or talking to u after reading this.. Keep d good work up..

  1. I am surprised that there aren't more comments on this post. I guess you need to wake up your facebook contacts. :)

  1. It was saanya who got him hooked up.

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