I remember a time when we used to travel with our parents and were extra careful about the songs we wanted to play in the car. The songs were carefully selected to not contain anything that may be even remotely considered ‘inappropriate’ by my parents.

I never then realized that time would so change that parents will also be required to act as a DJ for their kids in the car and play the numbers they like while driving. Off late, my young prince has also started showing a liking for music and at times wants me to just forget driving and switch songs for him at his behest.

John Locke There is frequently more to be learned from the unexpected questions of a child than the discourse of men.
- John Locke
As a teacher I have always encouraged students to bring up questions to validate their understanding against all that they are taught to develop their own intellect and reference frames. Personally, I do believe that right set of questions relevant to the subject help students enrich their vision and thinking spectrum by leaps and bounds. Also as a mother, I have always tried stimulating Shaurya’s mind about the world around him and prompted him to question why certain things happen only a certain way and develop his own reasoning skills.
I guess people like me (young parents) do often land up in perplexing situations when their young ones bring up questions that though themselves simple have complex answers. 

Ah well!! It isn’t the first time I had been out of action on this blog. However, I now find it increasingly difficult to explain my absence every time I have been away. I guess, the only thing I can say or rightfully admit now is that I had been procrastinating (perhaps a little too long).

Maybe it was a typical situation of ‘writer’s block’, I don’t know. At one point in time, I had almost given up and was seriously considering taking the blog down. But, thanks to the constant nagging and motivation of a close friend, I feel rejuvenated enough to pursue this with same vigor one more time.

The fact remains that this blog is for Shaurya and I am documenting his stories, so I guess I owe an apology to my little prince. In days ahead I will try my best to recollect all what he did in the recent past and put it down here for him to read when he is ready to.

I guess I will start right from his birthday to his dearest ‘Baata’ getting married recently. To him I can only say that I will try my best dear, but I am sure you are well aware of your mum’s forgetful way... Hoping for the best!!!

Here’s something I found online after I decided to make this post. Fits quite well…:)


"There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it."
—Mary Wilson Little

It’s not that Shaurya is not being naughty anymore or is just not doing things worth mentioning, it’s just that his mommy dear is too pre- occupied in ten thousand things and I think I must put forth my profound apologies to Shaurya for showing so much of laxity. Well, am sure he will excuse me, because he sees me running around every day, catching up with every minute i wasted around.

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