Jumpy Jumpy !!!


I guess joining Shaurya's play school as a coordinator myself was one of the wiser decisions that I have made in recent times. Being able to be with him or around him while he is busy with other children and doing his own thing gives me an altogether different window to his growing up years. 

The time that he spends in the play school would have otherwise been a closed shell and I feel lucky at times to be able to have a first person account of his new pranks now and hence it is bikebut natural for my posts to now talk about things that my little champ is learning at school. Honestly, considering his age, I really never thought that he would be doing so many things in school, but as it turns out, my angel is picking up new lessons and new tricks with every passing day.

At times it feels so exciting to catch a glimpse of him in his class that I hide behind the wall and peep through the glass windows. I know, I might be sounding a little too protective or maybe a little too obsessed here but then one has got to experience the joy of watching your child interact with other children and learn his lessons the way they come to exactly appreciate what I am living here.

Well, there are endless things that are done in the class. And out of them, one is their prayer which they say right after they all are there in the class and then before meals. According to his teacher, Shaurya is the only one who says the entire prayer, (but then in his own language) and the time the children say ‘Thank you God’, he says ‘Thank you Ball’. I have tried getting him to repeat the correct version after me almost a hundred times the whole day, but without success thus far.

Another thing that he has been enjoying lately is jumping on a small mattress that the children use to sit on when in the school. He normally calls out ‘Jumpy Jumpy’ and goes crazy and funny when he does it.  He does it alone at home, with me joining in occasionally. But then at school, he invites the other kids to follow him and keeps saying ‘Aao’ to call in everyone around him to join him in his prank.

I won’t say that he’s learning all good things, because in all class there are all kinds of children. I don't normally interfere with his natural progression and I am certainly not denying him his rightful share of being naughty and allowing him to make his mistakes. But given the fact that as a mother I might be biased at times, he still comes off as one of the better students and more sensible than others in his peer group at times and I feel glad to bask in the glory of his sunshine days with him, by his side.

The Song and The Mud


I remember the excitement and anticipation that annual functions and sports days in schools used to generate for us as kids. Well, it was time to relive all that excitement once again as Shaurya attended his first Sports Day at school last Sunday (February 1st, 2009). Since his class were the youngest lot in the school, I was asked to be with him for the march past and races.


Shaurya was not as excited as I was, maybe because he is still young to understand all this. He missed his March Past, as he got up late, but then we were in time for his songs routine.

Their class had to stand in a semi- circle and clap and act on the songs to be sung by the teachers. I stood behind him in the ground and kept singing all that I remembered of the lyrics. He kept on clapping like the other kids initially, but then something came upon him and he sat down to play with mud. While all other children were busy clapping and doing their actions, my little hero was busy with the plain joys of life, getting his hands dirty. He got so excited after a while and naughty as he is, he started throwing mud on himself and on the kids around him. It was funny to see him play on and be busy with himself and the dirt on the ground as children around him clapped on with the song.

Well I could not be with him all through the day, as I was one of the organizers, but I could see him sitting on his dad’s shoulders all the time. Seeing him in his Yellow Sports Day Dress I realized how fast the time went by. It was just two years back that he used to be in my arms, and I wanted him to run around, talk and play and here he was taking his first steps on the roads of learning and education.

As ever, I stood by his side, watching him and doling out my love for him in little ways he understood and carrying dreams for him which I hope, he would understand with time. And as ever, my heart swelled to see his antics with a joy that I guess only a mother would understand.

Love you, Son.

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