I begin with an apology to Shaurya on this. I have been so very late in updating this blog this time that I guess there are no excuses left. True, that there has been a lot of running around for me to do and then I switched my job as well but I guess this post deserved to be posted earlier than this as it happens to be an account of Shaurya’s third birthday… I guess I shall make it upto you son by making a few posts in quick succession (I hope).

Birthday Boy Shaurya turned 3 on January 8, 2010 and I celebrated the three joyful years of motherhood with him on his day. The plan was to have a cake cut with some sweets for the children at his play school and a party next day for the friends and elders in the family.

Now I must admit that though I have a management degree and planning out things and events almost comes naturally to me but thinking about how to go about making his day special took some extra bit of thinking. I really had to get all my grey matter together on the task and I spent hours at the local toy store picking up return gifts for his friends at school and wanted everything to be just perfect.

The party at the play school

Well, the party at school went on as I planned. Shuarya acted smart and pricey. I guess he reckoned that he was the star of the day and went along in a similar fashion.

I laid out the cake I had got and lit the candles and he sprung up and blew them as soon as they were lit up and so I had to light them again for everyone to sing the birthday song. Later, he was just not willing to give up his cake and wanted to have the entire thing alone. But, then his attention got diverted by the gifts he had to give away to his friends. I was surprised to see the way he was behaving.

He was made to sit on a table in the centre of the room by his teacher and then one by one everyone came to take their (return) gifts. To my amazement, he was all style and grace. He handed out the gifts and just threw a fleeting glance at who ever was coming, passed a smile and turned his face around to see who was coming in next.

I later, took him and one of his friends to a nearby play area to keep the fun thing going for him. We came home tired and I guess all in all he enjoyed the party and I enjoyed seeing every one having fun.

Dinner the next day

The next day we had a party for the family and we tried our level best to put him to sleep in the afternoon so that he could be fresh for the party in the evening. But, he was too busy with his new cycle which his ‘Da-Ma’ and ‘Chachu’ had brought him as a birthday present.

Shaurya Turns 3He actually exhausted himself a little too much and slept as soon as we sat in the car to head over to the venue. I guess the little nap did him some good because when we woke him up he was fresh again. However on sensing that all our guests were doling out presents and attention to him, he returned to his pricey self again.

I guess he just took a different route this time and started acting shy. He hid himself behind everyone on the couch and was acting funny closing his eyes and clinging to me or his dad. But then as soon as the cake was brought out, he was all active and willing to blow the candles. The party went great and he came home with loads of presents. It was fun watching him unwrap his presents. He was way too happy to receive a rock star kit with a guitar and a mike and a pair of roller blades.

He went crazy with the guitar and ultimately we had to hide it lest the neighbours called the police for causing a ruckus. The roller blades have become one of his favourite toys as of now. He has learnt to wear them on his own and stands holding the bed waiting for someone to help him move about.


As I key this in, he continues to move around, calling me, seeking my attention, wanting me to get him his guitar, urging me to switch on the TV and asking me to give him his ‘Choco-latte’, all at the same time. 

I can’t help but think of the day he was born and was brought in my arms for the first time. He changes into a different person almost on a daily basis, learning things, picking up new tricks and comprehending complex emotions and coming up with different needs and set of wants.

Soon it would be his time to make other demands and maybe he shall tell me one day that he doesn’t want me to plan his birthday parties any more. Maybe he would just want to be out of the house celebrating his birthday with his friends and would want to leave his old parents behind… who, I am sure, by then, would have turned ‘not so cool’ to hang out with…Ah well, till that time, I guess I shall just continue planning his parties and baking him cakes and smile watching him at his eagerness to blow candles on his birthday cake.

Love you my angel and yes, a very Happy Birthday once again.

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