Shaurya goes to Play School


A mother is the first teacher a child gets. It is very important that the mother be open to ideas and is able to logically evaluate a situation and take sound decisions which can help her select and develop the right kind of environment a child needs to be brought up in. I guess during these early years, extrinsic factors play a pivotal role in channeling a child's energies and developing his interests which become instrumental in later years for him to pick the right career and a better life. 

The round thing with a hand painting.

We, as parents held different views at the notion of Shaurya going to a play school as young as he is. I was both anxious and nervous at the idea of his being out of the house initially. However, after many discussions and arguments, we finally agreed on sending Shaurya to a play school.

Luckily for us, we found a good place nearby which functioned both as play school and a day care. We were yet to know how Shaurya would react to the situation and were apprehensive if he would like it there, so we took him along with us when we went to seek information regarding the admission process and all.

Shaurya's first drawingMy little champ, much to our delight was happy to be there and as soon as we went to check out the classrooms, his excitement knew no bounds. He kept running around and entered a class higher than his level and quickly pulled a chair, took a sheet and picked up a crayon and began drawing lines all over the sheet. Well, on a closer look I noticed that he actually tried using more than a single crayon on the paper and I am more tempted to call it as Shaurya’s first drawing than a spaghetti of lines. 

I guess all our apprehensions were put to rest that day and we completed the necessary formalities and had Shaurya finally admitted to his first school.

THE FIRST DAY: His first day at school got him even more excited. As soon as he entered the school gate, he went directly up the stairs to his room and then he wanted to be all over the place. I had to go downstairs to fill up his form and fees and all I could hear was Shaurya’s loud ‘Yeeeeeaaahhhhh', & ‘Woooooooow’.. which meant that he was having a great time.

The Cover of Shaurya's Diary He was given a school diary, a bright red book with his picture and our details inside, along with a round hand painting which read "Welcome to the Circle Family" and he was all happy and charged up about it. 

The first page of Shaurya's Diary I was so excited to see all this and the only thing he did was to yell and cry to go back to his class. It was kind of difficult to get him out of there. Luckily one of his cousins was with me and could divert his attention and I could bring him back home without much cry & hullabaloo. 

I am glad that he has taken well to his new school and that he is all too happy to be out there and do his own thing, be with other children his age and play and learn new things. I really hope and pray that he continues happily so and in turn really cultivates an inclination for school and education and well...make me proud some day.

I as his mother, hope to stand by him, watch him grow and be a man of values and able judgement, caring and praying for him and all that is within my capacity for him to reach great heights.

"All the best, Son."

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