I did not know if I could do it. I was not even sure of how it worked. Giving an expression to my cerebrations and feelings and then voicing it publicly for friends, family and the world to read was a thought which did not come on its own.

As I begin this first post, I must candidly admit that I do not quite know how this is going to shape up. I might turn out inadequate to hold interest of my readers. But then, I do not actually intend to create an active readership or be famous from this blog. Maybe I should begin by putting forth the intentions of my writing.

This is Shaurya's blog and Shaurya is my year and three quarters old son and I am writing this for him. I am attempting to write a journal of all the joy he has brought me and his mischieves and little achievements and all what he does. I guess there's nothing quite like looking at him and marvelling at the miracle and feeling the warmth of an untrammelled joy that a child brings.

I guess the best thing about having a baby is that you've always got something to look forward to - seeing your baby wake up in the morning, watching him grow and take his first steps, listening to him utter his first words.. the list is endless and I guess I am looking forward to it all.

So, I guess this is more like it, I shall try and put in all I can, maybe on a daily basis and maybe more than a single time a day and give words and expression to all of Shaurya's doings till the time I can, hoping all the while that I am able to sustain this till he grows up to be mature enough to read this and feel all what goes through my mind as I key in phrases and accounts of his daily chores and all the love that he has brought me.

So while I invite everyone to share their comments on all what I write, I urge my readers to refrain from using any unparliamentary language or offensive language. I shall not allow anyone to be cynical of my shared sentiments here.

Enjoy reading.

PS: I guess one of these days when you grow up my son and come across this post. I want you to know that as I continued writing this, I could see you sleeping peacefully right behind me and I did pause and look at you and said a little prayer too. Just want you to know that I love you and would always do, no matter how things shape up or life turns out to be.


  1. hi
    whatever you have written is very touching..and loving..only a mother or a person with motherly feelings can understand that every little smile of a child means something...a world of their own..
    kusum massi

  1. Its such a great truly shows your motherly affection. I am sure it will inspire lot of folks around you. Bravo......

    Cheers for Roopa!

    All the best...Mamta & Sanjeev

  1. Great job Roopa !.. keep up the good work .It was a real pleasure to read ur blog.
    Good luck to you and love to shaurya .

  1. Very nicely written Roopa, great pictures too....looks Shaurya is really growing up with all the he man power...way to go!

  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  1. Happy Birthday to Shaurya...Roopa, it was really nice to read the blog after a long time. We know its recession time, so publications will be less....just try and keep the good work going.


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