I remember having written about Shaurya starting the play school (Read HERE) and then his first day at a formal school (Read HERE), I guess it is just right that I include a little note and a picture about his first graduation ceremony.

Shaurya - Graduate The graduation ceremony is basically held by schools as a milestone to show that the child is now entering a numbered class. For Shaurya, this happened when he moved from Prep to Class I. The school held a small function which Shaurya attended wearing a gown and a mortarboard – all dressed for the occasion.

We as a family attended the function and were really happy to see him graduating. I couldn’t hold back my tears seeing my little baby looking bright and all grown up.

Dear Shaurya,

Though this ceremony was a little mock drill to the next class, but when you actually complete your bachelor’s or master’s degree and be ready for the world, I hope that I am able to attend that ceremony as well, standing there as a proud parent, clapping the loudest and cheering for you and wishing that you pursue your dreams and follow them sincerely to realize them. On that day I am sure, you will be confident to leave the secure environs of your home to step out into the world and lead a life of your own.  You will go off to different places, take big decisions in life and at times you will not even bother to keep your old mother informed.

Let me use this post as an opportunity to tell you, that my love and blessings will always be with you through thick and thin and I will always be there willing to listen to all what you have to tell me. As a child, I heard all your babbling and unnecessary talks with utmost care and attention and I will do the same whenever you want me around.

Love you, my little graduate.


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