Funny that my previous post also began with an apology about being irregular in updating the blog. I guess, life at times just doesn’t give you a breather. You are left being a spectator to your own life and all what is happening to you… Just hope I am not rusted too much..

Few months ago I had written about Shaurya starting his play school. (Read about it HERE). Much has happened since then and now when he has finally stepped into a different world and has started going to a bigger school for his formal education.

Maybe someday I shall also write about all the hassles that parents these days have to go through to seek admission for their ward in an institute of their liking but I guess I shall let this post only talk about Shaurya’s first big day at his new big school.

DSC0042 It was the morning of Monday, April 5, 2010 when Shaurya stepped out of the house for his formal schooling. Though, we had prepped him for his big day, I guess he had little idea what he was getting into. We, as his family, were obviously more excited.

I woke him up in time and got him ready in the morning for his school. I had bought him a new water bottle and he was elated. He hung his favorite ‘monkey’ backpack and was all beaming and raring to go. I had heard plenty of horror stories from friends and colleagues about the torrid time that they faced when their children went off to school for the first time howling and crying and wailing their heart out. Personally I was a bit scared that he might find it difficult to cope up in a new environment and that we shall end up in a similar situation. However, to our surprise he was all at ease and really made me proud as a mother. I guess all his training at the play school finally paid off.

His daddy and his Da-Ma went to drop him at his school. I was truly relieved when they came back and told me that my little champ had a great time and had settled comfortably in his new surroundings.

DSC0043 Two days later, he started his school bus. Though it was still first week of April, but it had become reasonably hot. The school bus was a regular DTC bus and his Daddy kept worrying about his little Prince all the while and expected to see him come back all hassled and whining about the bus or the weather.

Instead, when he went to pick him up from the bus stop, he found Shaurya all smiling and enjoying sitting on the front seat right behind the driver (it still is his favourite seat). It was amazing to see him all beaming and as he got down, the first thing Shaurya said to his Daady was, “Daddy, see it’s a blue bus… I like the school… I like the bus… Bahot maza aayi!!!”

Well, all in all, he is happy and settled at his new school and is loving the bus rides to and fro. I guess the next thing that I am waiting to see is how he takes his lessons and the kind of skills and talents he picks up and demonstrates at school.

I guess we as his parents shall do all that is necessary and in his interest to learn and imbibe all what is meaningful and important to become a responsible adult with a sound intellect, balanced head and a compassionate heart.

In that sense Son, I hope that when you are old enough to read this post and understand it, be reminded that It is possible to fill one’s head with a million facts and still remain entirely uneducated. I would then want you to question yourself and answer if you have been able to gather the true essence of education or just confined yourself to pursue good grades.


  1. Roopa How could u forget mentioning about his mam

  1. Amazing Blog....recently discovered it and enjoying every bit of it. :)

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